Hawaii Healing Arts Academy Presents

    Bio-Energetic Alignment Method

A Transformative Approach to Health and Self -Empowerment

B E A M  (Bio-Energetic Alignment Method) is a revolutionary, reliable,  easy-to-learn,
and non-invasive system of self care, to take your  physical, emotional 
​and spiritual health to an optimum level. 

It is ​​for everyone desiring to heal and to trust their own innate wisdom.

In this time of chaotic challenges many of us are being asked to walk deeper the path of the heart and to remember the purpose of our existence.  This powerful course is to reawaken and nurture the incredible powers that lie dormant within all of us.  BEAM inspires us to remember that we have everything we need to heal ourselves  and to live a more joyful life.
The unique approach of BEAM blends many alternative healing modalities, and has been developed through a culmination of more than 40 years of study, practice and self-development from a wide variety of disciplines. We integrate Oriental Medicine, energy psychology techniques (EFT / TAPPING, ART, PSYCH-K, NAET, NEUROLINK), cutting-edge quantum science, energy medicine, illuminating powers of muscle testing, meditation,  and pertinent inquiries and a heart-based consciousness approach to address many aspects of health and wellness.
We will learn in great depth what energy testing ( muscle testing ) is and how to apply this powerful tool  in daily life.   Take your physical health to the next level of wellness by accessing and correcting root causes of imbalance. This module gives a vital foundation for optimizing conscious choices in everything we do and need, and invites us to regain and sustain essential connection with our bodies.

We will lay the groundwork for a lifetime of self-directed authority to become healthier, happier, more successful and highly functional in this world.  More info

This module takes us on a deeper journey of healing the physical and the emotional bodies with advanced energy testing healing methods, the awesome tools of energy psychology, neuroscience, and the explorative journey of the conscious & unconscious mind.  

We will have a unique opportunity to release and heal the cycles of self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, and unconscious patterns that impact our daily lives.  Our beliefs are at the core of every experience, and impact every thought, decision, and attitude we have in life.  When we change our beliefs, we give ourselves the power to change our experiences and circumstances to make room for new opportunities to live the life we are meant to live.

We will also explore the hidden dimension of BEAM such as the principles of alignment, presence, trust, surrender, connection, equanimity and grounding.      More Info

Moving from instinctual fear to conscious creation, we will learn how to live in alignment with our life purpose and embrace our divine origin. With the knowledge of quantum science we build a new circuitry of connection to expand our inner healing landscape.    More Info

method invites us to heal and transform deeply within as we cultivate a deeper experience of our true nature, as well as offering a wealth of  educational tools 
that we can use for the rest of our life.  BEAM can be the bridge that heals the gap between fears and love by helping us to trust and to believe in our self.  More Info

​I hope to see you soon!

Dr. Alvita Soleil