ABOUT BEAM  (Bio-Energetic Alignment Method)

  • BEAM integrates the timeless wisdom of ancient practices of Oriental medicine with the foundation of energy testing (ET) (aka muscle testing), woven together with the advanced knowledge of quantum physics, the coherent fields of energy psychology techniques such as EFT, PSYCH-K, TAPPING, NAET, and heart-based consciousness.

  • BEAM is a safe, practical, reliable and easy healing method to learn, and to use.  Its application is unlimited, from the mundane to the most profound aspects of life, and it can be expanded upon and developed to suit every need.

  • ​BEAM can be used for lay people, health care practitioners, coaches, and for everyone committed to their wellbeing and evolution.

  • BEAM takes a holistic and intuitive approach to greater health and transformation.

  • BEAM is a holistic medicine method that addresses the many aspects of health and wellbeing.  It eliminates confusion and stressful choices by discerning what is true from false, and what is ultimately beneficial and supportive rather than detrimental and harmful.  It supports us in stepping into our authentic power and creating positive change.

  • BEAM knows no boundaries, save those of the mind.  It is used for healing, personal growth, relationships, health, work, financial success, clearing physical and emotional energy blockages and so much more.

  • BEAM can be the bridge that heals the gap between fears and love by helping us to trust and to believe in our self.  It heals the illusion of separation from Source.

  • BEAM's purpose is to support self-empowerment, mindfulness, and awareness of the interconnection of the relationship between body, mind, spirit and the world around us.  BEAM modality teaches us about our innate powers, such as trust, mindfulness, presence, equanimity, awareness, surrender,  intention, attention and responsibility.


BEAM can be a bridge that enables us to trust and to believe in ourselves.

When we make conscious choices in alignment with the highest possibility that supports our health and wellbeing, we remove the baggage of stress, fear, self-doubt and worry.  We bring authentic love and joy into our lives in a way that is presently unimaginable!

BEAM method is a reliable, easy to learn, non-invasive, and elegant approach to healing and self-empowerment.

This program is a culmination of 40 years of my own study, practice and self-development from a wide variety of disciplines.  Through all my experiences, I have developed a healing approach that would be simple, effective and available to everyone. 

  • BEAM offers a wealth of materials to help synthesize an expansive vision of who we are as powerful human beings, as well as giving you practical tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

  • BEAM programs offer in-person intensive learning experiences for the layperson as well as the seasoned wellness practitioner

  • The integration of many alternative modalities makes BEAM a potent healing method.  Our program teaches an intelligent approach that honors the truth of the innate body intelligence, and the wisdom of the soul that can be integrated in any other healing or therapy practice.  We blend  ancient practices of oriental medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology techniques ( EFT/ TAPPING, PSYCH-K, ART, NAET, NEUROLINK ), cutting- edge quantum science, energy medicine,  illuminating powers of muscle testing, meditation, inquiry, and heart- based consciousness. 

  • BEAM is a holistic method that gets to the root of the roots as it addresses many aspects of the mind/body and spirit health issues and wellbeing.

  • Our emphasis is self-empowerment  and self-healing.​  The techniques we use give a direct experience of our true nature. With the understanding of the nature of the mind, and the quantum field, we learn how to connect directly with the inner landscape, and therefore provide a profound lasting healing.
  • The detailed, comprehensive structure of the course provides all the skills needed to be successful at healing the body and mind, and help others transform their lives. We have created numerous charts to facilitate health evaluation and emotional healing.  

  • BEAM is interactive, highly engaging and transformative. We  have formulated creative exercises, meditations​ and practices to embody the teaching.

  • We not only provide individualized tools, but we educate our students so they can make informed choices.

  • Become part of the BEAM community.  Ongoing monthly evening classes allow participants to practice and learn from one another, creating a potent healing circle.  These classes practice skills already learned, as well as providing new information to deepen the learning process.