Imagine  a co-creative, living, breathing relationship
with your body, heart, mind and Divine Source

Are you ready?

Where Body and Soul Meet

Healing isn't just a theory but a divine force that has been working in every cell of our body since the moment we were born.

That intelligent force lives in our body, our mind, and our soul,
​ and is programmed to support our evolution as a being of light.


BEAM invites us to transform deeply within to cultivate a richer experience of our true nature.  This comprehensive course is suitable for both beginners and experienced testers and practitioners.  The depth of this program offers a wealth of materials and practices to help catalyze an expansive vision of who you are as a powerful human being, as well as practical take-home tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

It is for participants who:

  • Have a high value for personal growth and healing with the willingness to take personal responsibity for their own health and well-being and want to reconnect to their body
  • Have health challenges and the desire to uncover and heal the root cause of their issues
  • Are being called to step out of comfort zones, and are open to honest self-reflection and inquiries
  • Want to learn or polish energy testing skills in order to get more reliable, accurate answers to questions they may have
  • Have the desire to deepen the knowledge and practice of energy healing
  • Simply want to empower and love themselves and others more

This course material enhances all forms of coaching, therapy, healing and teaching, and is easily integrated into any type
of practice.  

    The power of choice to heal our body and mind is at our fingertips.  ​​

Join us, and connect directly with your Divine Source. 


BEAM is the foundation course for all the other programs we are offering which are taught by Dr. Alvita Soleil.

Our programs teach an intelligent approach that honors the truth of the innate body intelligence and the wisdom of the soul.  All seminars are created to inspire individuals and professionals in taking responsibility for their health, well-being and evolution.    

Each module is designed to create an opportunity to experience ourselves in a way we have not before.  When we drop beneath “our story” and get in touch with the truth of who we are, a shift happens and healing and empowerment results as by-products of revealing and loving ourselves.

All modules offer a wealth of materials to help catalyze an expansive vision of who you are as a powerful human being, as well as practical take-home tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

We designed 3 Modules:  BEAM  Foundation, BEAM Advanced and BEAM Intensive.  

BEAM Modules at a glance

BEAM Foundation

BEAM Advanced

BEAM Intensive

 Module I
Module II
 Module III
The Art & ScIence of Muscle Testing
Optimize Conscious Choice in
Everything You Do
Power of Energy Pschology
Clear Limited Perception/Beliefs
Power of the Mind
The Anatomy of Freedom
Moving from Fear to Conscious Creation
Living from the Soul 

Prerequisite - Module I
Prerequisite - Modules I & II
Big Island
Big Island
Big Island
October 26-27, 2019
​Location/Time TBA
February 22-23, 2020

Location/Time TBA
Location/Time TBA
Location/Time TBA
Location/Time TBA

In Brief, You Will 

  • Learn in great depth the art and science of energy testing (muscle testing) and how to use it in your daily life
  • Take your physical and emotional health concerns to the next level of wellness - access and correct root cause imbalances 
  • Release stress in your decision-making by optimizing conscious choice in everything you need and do
  • Access and cultivate the power of alignment and grounding
  • Learn to cultivate the inner dimensions of presence, mindfulness, intention, trust, surrender and balance
  • Receive practices to regain and sustain essential connection with the body
  • Learn the awesome power of the mind -- its role, strengths, attributes, and the intimate interplay between the conscious and subconscious levels of mind 
  • Learn ​therapeutic processes to clear limiting and negative beliefs systems, heal childhood wounds and traumas
  • Learn conscious exploration of modern quantum science and metaphysics
  • Discover health implications from the awareness of neuroscience and epigenetics
  • Advance your understanding of bioenergetic medicine and how your body is a conduit of larger energy fields such as chakras, auras and meridians
  • Learn how to maintain integrity as we work with the subjectivity of subtle bioenergetics of energy testing that hard science cannot measure
  • Learn the use of commands to accelerate the process of clearing toxins, microbes, and stuck energy
  • Learn how to align and live from our Divine Source

This is not just healing techniques, but an inner journey of self-discovery of our true purpose,
a movement of the soul towards oneness

What an invaluable tool you have shared in an easy and empowering way.  As a clinician,  it has been incredible to bring this tool into my practice and to reach past boundaries I have placed on muscle testing.  It is limitless and really makes you get clear and empowered as a practicitioner. 
Christine, Hawaii

A safe and gentle space was held where we could all deepen our interior and learn to trust our instincts.  Alvita teaches from her own living experiences, which makes the work very alive in the now. 
Judith, California

I found this course extremely useful in my life for helping me feel more grounded, able and stable.  The format is user friendly and consistent.  The tools I have added to my wellness tool kit are having a profound effect on my personal and professional life.
Daniel H, Hawaii

Incorporating the Daily Routine into my day has changed my life!  I feel more balanced, more grounded and more energetic as compared to my previous daily experiences of fatigue.  Alvita presented a wealth of knowledge, experiences and tools to use for health, that make my life more meaningful.  Thank you!
Chloe P, Hawaii

Alvita's wealth of wisdom, knowledge, compassion, insight and inspiration create a rich array of choice morsels to enjoy, absorb, and use in enhancing one's everyday life.  She shares her knowledge freely, and encourages everyone to benefit from her experience and expertise.
Julia, Hawaii

BEAM is one of the most remarkable tools I know.  For me it works as a truth detector.  Alvita teaches in great depth energy testing as well as the understanding of who the tester is.  Brilliant work!
JP, Seattle