BEAM accesses the body’s innate wisdom.   It can determine via the stress of an indicator muscle what makes the body strong  (life enhancing, expanding, supportive ), or what makes it weak (what is harmful, detrimental, contracting).   

It also indicates what is true and what is false.

BEAM interprets the body’s electrical impulses and the neurological function of all communication between sensory organs, receptors, muscles, glands, brain and emotional and physical programs from the conscious and subconscious minds.  

The testing process depends on resonance and dissonance (weak or strong, love or fear).   Our body is an instrument of communication and as long as we are in  total alignment  with our own Source,  the answers we get  will be accurate and consistent.  ​

The power and science of BEAM is a profound experience that offers a lifetime of healing benefits to anyone  seeking greater physical health and vitalith, emotional well-being andd spiritual awakening.    
When we test, a neuromuscular bio-feedback occurs between a body muscle and the autonomic nervous system (ANS), in charge of involuntary functions that are critical for survival.   

Fifty trillion cells in this system control and know everything that is happening in our body/mind.   This information is not usually conscious to us.  Fortunately, the body provides answers through simple integrated energy testing responses from the  depths of the subconscious mind.  
Integrated Energy Testing  (ET) works as a truth detector.   It is the most remarkable tool I know.  ET is permeated with nuances, and has become more widely used, as well as widely misused.   Many have mastered the technical aspect of this modality, but few are aware of the depths of the capacity and  personal gifts that energy testing can provide.
BEAM integrates the timeless wisdom of ancient practices of Oriental medicine  with  the fou​ndation of  energy testing (ET) (aka muscle testing), woven together with the advanced knowledge of quantum science, neuroscience, the coherent fields of energy psychology techniques such as EFT, PSYCH-K, TAPPING, NAET, ART  and heart -based consciousness.  It is the blending of these modalities and the conscious awareness of the tester that makes BEAM work.