- The Art and Science of Energy Testing   
- Release  Stress in  Decision Making
​- Optimize Conscious Choice in All You Do

Reclaiming Our Physical Health  

The physiological and emotional responses of our body to truth and lies can be measured using ET.    Find out how our body can access personal and universal truth. The intelligence of the body is awe inspiring!
This module teaches in great depth the art and science of energy testing (muscle testing) and how to use it in your daily life. 
Release stress in your decision making.  Optimize conscious choice in everything you need and do.
This course represents the foundation for personal insight and a toolbox for your health evaluation and well-being.
This module includes:

  • Short history of kinesiology/energy testing
  • Discovery of fundamental concepts of BEAM                                                                                                  
  • What is energy medicine     
  • Energy testing: 
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- What it is / How / Why it works / Benefits
- Different methods of energy testing 
- How to formulate questions
- Reverse polarity / Switching
- Dosage / Compatibility / Hydration test
- Calibrations / Scale of energetics / Interference / Stressors
Principles and practices to assure testing consistency and accuracy
- How to perform self-test and how to balance yourself and others
- Assess nutritional values of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, neurotransmitters, etc.
- Evaluate organs, hormones, endocrine and other body systems
- Identify allergies and sensitivities (food, environmental, nutritional and contact allergens)
- Test chemicals, metals, pesticides, pathogens, herbicides, candida, molds, fungi, and toxic environmental materials
- Identify the priority stressor(s) to formulate an effective treatment plan
  • Exploration of the nature of the body & mind  
  • Understand basic principles of quantum science (validate the need to know how/why ET works)
  • Regain connection with the body
  • Evaluate current history of health using specific charts
  • Release stress in decision making by optimizing conscious choice in everything you need and do
  • Practices in developing intuition and capacity to connect with core center
  • Connect with others who are engaged in the same path of healing
The workshop offers an environment of openness for explorations, discussion, applications, exercises, practices, reflection, integration, Q & A, demonstrations and home work, and exercise to build your skill and confidence.
Monthly practice circle is ongoing.