- The Healing Power of Energy Psychology 
- Uncover Limited Perceptions and Clear Beliefs

- Understanding the Power of the Mind and the Body

Healing the Emotional Body

We are meant to be strong, free and well. If we are not, it is simply a matter of misperception, mis-identification, and habituated patterns blocking the way. When we learn to surrender our limiting beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world, healing happens.  When we learn a conscious way of being and living that transforms our lives into a proactive path, healing prevails.

This module takes us on a deeper journey of healing the emotional body with energy psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness,  and a heart based consciousness approach.   Through this explorative journey into the nature and power of the conscious and  subconscious mind, we will uncover narrow perceptions of ourselves  and the world around us, and clear those limited beliefs  that no longer serve us so we can live our lives with more ease and joy.  This is a unique opportunity to break the cycle of self-limiting thoughts and unconscious patterns, to make way for the life we are meant to live.

This module includes ​
  • ​​Advance energy testing and healing method
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- Surrogate and remote testing
- Potent exercises to assure reliable and accurate answers 
- Evaluation of physical and  emotional issues using specific charts

  • Exploration of the power of the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Fundamental anatomy of the energetic bodies
  • Identification and clearing of core belief systems that interfere with your success, happiness, 
  • personal freedom ​and letting the love in 
  • Reclaiming your breath and your body
  • Delving deeper into healing with energy medicine and energy psychology - Learn healing
    techniques to boost your vitality, balance the meridians,  brain integration, energy management, etc.

  • Building neuro-circuitry to expand and to sustain new activation in the higher brain center
  • Exploration of the hidden dimensions of BEAM, such as awareness, connection, trust, presence, equanimity,
    ​connection,  intention and surrender

  • Connection with others who are engaged in the same path of liberation and healing
The workshop offers an environment of openness for exploration, discussion, applications, exercises, practices, integration, Q & A, demonstrations and home work.   Monthly group practices are ongoing.
Prerequisite:   Module I or equivalent training in similar modalities.