- Living in Alignment with your Life Purpose 
- Healing the Body, Heart and Mind

- Living from the Soul

The Anatomy of Freedom 

True liberation is not just a concept in our mind.  It happens when we are accepting, connecting and embodying  our divinity.  Then we are no longer bound to obligations, fear of “doing it wrong," or at the mercy of external output. True freedom happens when we live from our true values in a real and tangible way.

Moving from instinctual fear to conscious creation, we will learn how to live in alignment with our life purpose and embrace our divine origin.  In this module we will continue to further engage in the power of the mind, how it is organized, and how to communicate directly with the inner landscape of the conscious and subconscious mind to gain mastery over our limited perceptions.   With the knowledge of quantum science we build a new circuitry of connection to expand our inner healing landscape.   We will engage deeper into embodying practices that align us with our highest purpose.  

This module includes:
  •  Harness the power of the mind to heal and to transform
  •  Cultivate the power of consciousness, awareness  with neuroscience
  •  Learn advance core subtle energy medicine techniques that enable deep and lasting healing
  •  Engage in mindfulness practice and somatic awareness, guided imagery, and dialogue with the body
  •  Gain mastery over limited perceptions, habitual reactions and beliefs that no longer serve
  •  Learn the power of intention with the use of command   
  •  Cultivate the field of inner body intelligence to deepen intuition
  •  Use your body as a divine compass pointing you to the deeper recognitions of your truth
  •  Advance your understanding of energy medicine and how your body is a conduit and processor of larger energy fields
  •  Increase your capacity to sustain your grounded and powerful loving presence
  •  Gain greater clarity about your soul’s purpose for being on the planet
  •  Connect with others who are engaged in the same path of liberation and healing
The workshop offers an environment of openness for exploration, discussion, applications, exercises, practices, integration, Q & A, demonstrations and home work.  Monthly practices are ongoing.

Prerequisite:  Modules I and II, or have equivalent training in similar modalities.