You share information with passion and make it easy to follow.  The games are fun and the information is thorough.  I found the BEAM O'Ring method simple, effective, and I am excited to put it into practice. 
Workshop participant, Australia

I have found this workshop truly enlightening and it has opened my eyes to a new plane of thought and evaluation of myself and others.  I am in awe of your knowledge and ability to pass it om to others.  I have frown in knoweldge of myself from this seminar.
Seminar participant, Australia

Very exciting course!  Despite a lot of information, it was well-paced and allowed time for breaks.  Flowed well.  Felt comfortable asking questions.  The tangible exercises were fun and revealing. I am amazed at the effectiveness of such a simple modality that I can use daily in my life.

Seminar participant, Australia

The depth of experience and sharing of knowledge was very valuable.  The 'tools' are so practical for life.  ET is expansive, but made available for all levels.
Seminar participant, Canada

A wealth of knowledge gained as well as a lot of self-empowerment for discovering inner potential.  Empowered by eing handed the information and practical application to be able to move forward testing for answers confidently myself.  Thank you so much Alvita.  Highly recommended!
Summer, Australia

Learning that I can actually heal myself and I have everything that I need alreadh inside of me, and then to learn tools of how to actually do it is an AMAZING gift.  Your generosity has touched me deeply and healing has begun.  Alvita's authority really shines through.
Module I seminar participant, Hawaii

To me it covered everything and more than I expected.  Being in the seminar opened me up to more uncoditional lovegiving and receiving.  I leanred how wonderful it is to be in a group of loving souls who were there to learn, grow and be supportive to each others journeys without judgment.  My fear of joining a group at the this time melted away as time went on.  My gratitude and love is heartfle to you Alvita, Julia, and all the wonderful ladies.  My lesson is to trust at a deeper level my intuition and to keep my heart open and expanding! 
Jan, HI

My experience was bountiful in learning more skill sin the healing arts on learning valuable skills for evaluation and assment of myself, my family, and clients.  The presentation was beautiful and from the authentic heart.  Clearer instructions on some aspects would be helpful.  My AHA moment was the energy testing process, on many levels.  trusting the process to unfold with grace and effortless intention.  In gratitude for this new skill of self healing.
Module I Seminar participant, HI

I am profoundly open, gratefull, infused with enhanced wisdom, truth, trust, healing and more connection to myself and others as well as the universe.  i feel more excited about the journey to the Whole Self.  All is on its way and ready to show me more rays of love.  The workshop really has shown me how disconnected or trusting I have not been to me.  I'm so relieved to see that I am capable, able and wanting to make that stronger and healthier.  Thank you!  So much love!
 Module I Seminar participant, Hawaii

I have no words to describe my experience.  It was beond anything I could have imagined!  Alvita provided a safe environment to be able to be myself and learn more about myself in a non-judgmental and light place.  Thank you, I feel like I can continue to work on myself moving forward in this life.  I have a lot to digest.  There were so many ah ha moments that I wiull be able to express at a later time.
Lyn, HI

The experiential teachings and demonstrations were accessible, understandable, and the techniques explained enough to be immediately useful.  Every student was successful!
Kelen, Hawaii

I experienced a deep and profound intimacy with all of the participants on a level of emotional resonance.  Thank you for your willingness to be present with all of us, and with yourself, even when youwere tired and momentarily depleted.  I was delighted to share this space and that you were so open to questions that challenge belief systsms of the old paradigm.  You are truly a renaissance woamn and I am so looking forward to continuing this exploration!  Thank you for expressing humility, patience and grace as we flow in and out of the time and space which opens ur hearts to the Love that is.  Mahalo nui loa!
Module I Partcipant, Hawaii

It is so wonderful that medical doctors in Japan and other parts of the world are using the "O" Ring test!  I had a major emotional release.  Coming ack in to myself and who I am.  More alignment has happened.  I isso wonderful to know that we cando with the energy testing techinques.  That the mind gets 'in the way' but that the mind can be a powerful tool to 'make it real'.  I have been holding too much inside of me.  It's good to feel the feeling and let it out.  Go! To let the negative feelings go.
Renee, Hawaii

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What an invaluable tool you have shared in an easy and empowering way.  As a clinician,  it has been incredible to bring this tool into my practice and to reach past boundaries I have placed on muscle testing.  It is limitless and really makes you get clear and empowered as a practicitioner. 
Christine, Hawaii

A safe and gentle space was held where we could all deepen our interior and learn to trust our instincts.  Alvita teaches from her own living experiences, which makes the work very alive in the now. 
Judith, California

I found this course extremely useful in my life for helping me feel more grounded, able and stable.  The format is user friendly and consistent.  The tools I have added to my wellness tool kit are having a profound effect on my personal and professional life.
Daniel H, Hawaii

Incorporating the Daily Routine into my day has changed my life!  I feel more balanced, more grounded and more energetic as compared to my previous daily experiences of fatigue.  Alvita presented a wealth of knowledge, experiences and tools to use for health, that make my life more meaningful.  Thank you

Chloe P, Hawaii

Alvita's wealth of wisdom, knowledge, compassion, insight and inspiration create a rich array of choice morsels to enjoy, absorb, and use in enhancing one's everyday life.  She shares her knowledge freely, and encourages everyone to benefit from her experience and expertise.
Julia, Hawaii

BEAM is one of the most remarkable tools I know.  For me it works as a truth detector.  Alvita teaches in great depth energy testing as well as the understanding of who the tester is.  Brilliant work!
JP, Seattle

I came to learn to trust myself and be able to have courage for my decisions.  I was able to learn to communicate with my inner wisdom.  l will practice diligently to be comfortable with this new way of being.  SK, Hawaii

I found Module I of BEAM to be extremely helpful in learning about the subtleties of energy testing.  The hows and whys of it and plenty of experiential opportunities to feel into them.  I am very grateful for the size of the group, which allowed each of us to have personal experiences with energy testing, share with each other, and feel safe enough to cover any area of healing including the emotional.  Pamela, HI

My experience with the BEAM seminar was more than expected, being surrounded by lovely powerful women was both healing and transformative.  Powerful lessons and knowledge and I felt  that from doing the seminar, I am able to take back my own personal power when it comes to my life and health.  NL, HI

I loved learning a whole new dimension about self-empowerment and taking control of my health -- being responsible for my own health.  Thank you, Alvita -- you are so lovely and loving.  You open up so many new possibilities for me.  JL, Hawaii